Monday, January 4, 2010

Deal round up!!!

Because I'm not very good at posting yet, but there are some great deals that I think you should all know about - I am just going to post links to what others are saying and see if I need to add any notes. Please let me know if you have any questions!

I'm only posting local stores and stores that I will be going to, so hopefully that will help narrow a few things down.

I'll start with Walgreens. Now, I will preface by saying that normally I dislike Walgreens. It is a far drive for me and I hate messing with RR's and their coupon policies, but they have Nicotine gum on sale and since Brandon quit he has become a Nicorette junkie. I need him to quit but I would rather have him doing that than smoking - so what do you do?

Currently they have Nicorette gum for $39.99 and a $10 RR additionally, I have a $15 off coupon, so this would make my total OOP $14.99 which is a GREAT price for his silly gum, so I may have to do it more than once. Additionally, they are having some other great deals which are pretty clearly laid out on Hip2Save -

(**side note - I will post next a post with all the acranyms and notes on those. I can't find spell check on here, so I don't know if I spelled that right. LOL)

RiteAid is one of my favorite stores and they just released their new video ads. You can stack these with another RiteAid coupon and a manufaturer coupon, so they can make for some great money saving deals!
Here is a list of some current deals going on that I will be participating in:
I will try to update with a complete list later. I am having trouble with Hip2Save's website and she has a complete list (or a link to it - I can't remember).

Later I will post Albertsons and Safeway because I will hit those either today or tomorrow, but I need to get my list together (based on my menu) and figure out where the best deals are, etc.

I hope this helps!!!

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