Monday, January 4, 2010

Bath and Body Works - Wall Flowers sale and Classics Body Care

Right now Bath and Body Works is having a sale online and in the store, but I'll post the online portion.

First - if you go through Ebates you can get cash back on all your online purchases! Sign up here and check out how it works - this is another way that I save money I make sure that I take advantages of sites that PAY me to shop!!! I know that some of the percentages don't seem like much, but currently my check coming back is over $30 - it adds up quickly!

Then you can go to the Bath and Body Works website (from ebates to get the 3% back) and look at the $5 Classics Body Care:
and the $6 Wall flowers and refills:
And, my personal favorite, the $3 hand soap:

Now - you can get other stuff from drug and grocery stores cheaper for Soft Soap or generic soaps, etc, but if you are a Bath and Body Works junkie - then this is the time to stock up! Tell us what good deals you find! I will be placing my order! Also - think about any birthdays you have coming up, Easter baskets, Mother's Day, Hostess gifts, wedding presents... the list goes on. This is the time to stock up and plan ahead for those gifts that you will have to buy anyway! Part of saving money is thinking ahead for these things so that you're not spending full price when the time comes.

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