Wednesday, January 6, 2010


I only paid $17.84 for all of this!!

Before you judge how Brandon and I eat - this is how I shop. It doesn't mean that we're going to be eating fruit snacks for dinner the next week. What it means is that I stock up on items when they're a great price and use money makers to pay for them items we need like the potatoes, bananas and salad.

How I did it -

Step one - get your Albertsons ad from Tuesday
Step two - match coupons from my printable coupons post (go to the Pillsbury and Betty Crocker one they have the highest match ups for this deal)
Step three - look at the Albertsons ad and see the prices on there? You only need to get those items up to $20
Step four - match your coupons to your $20 worth of items and then do a seperate transaction to use your CAT

Here's what I did:

Transaction #1
3 each Helpers = $3
6 each fruit snacks = $11. 28
3 boxes of Cherios = $5.64
(I didn't actually buy three, as shown in the pic, she over charged me - DARN!)
3 each Yoplait yogurts = $2.98
Total  = $22.90 (would have been $21.02 if she wouldn't have messed up)

I used coupons from the websites I mentioned above for each item and the total came down to $14.90 and would have been 13.02 - darnit! Then the register spit out a $3.50 and $5 CAT - which I used on the next transaction.

Transaction #2
3 each Helpers = $3
3 each Fruit Snacks = $5.64
1 each Yoplait yougurt = $1.49
2 each Toaster Strudel = $4.98
4 each frozen veggies = $5.96

Total before coupons = $21.07

I used coupons for each item, the doubles on the back of the Albertsons ad, the $3.50 CAT from the fruit snacks and the $5 CAT from the previous transaction for a total OOP of $2.17!! Then the register spit out a $5 and $1.50 CAT.

Transaction #3
4 cans of Starkist tuna w/ instore coupon $.57 each
$1.89 worth of bananas - free with instore coupon
2 bags of salad at $2 each
$.99 bag of 10 lbs potatoes

I handed over my $5 and $1.50 CATs and then paid $.77 out of pocket!

I hope this all makes sense! Please post any questions that you have and I can help you! You don't have to do three transactions, but if you are organized then it's easier on you and the cashier. Also, it does help if you can go at "off times" so that the store isn't so busy. Takes pressure off of you, the cashier and the people behind you. As always, be polite and say thank you because you'll be back again!

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