Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Printable Coupons

There are quite a few printable coupons out right now - this is a great time to increase your stash while they're available and hang onto them for some good deals later.

You can always go to coupons.com and print out the latest. Currently they have some good ones for Aveeno, Angel Soft TP, etc. Then go over to Red Plum and print out the different ones that they are offering. Currently Red Plum has a $2 off Visine that you can use at Walgreens to score $.99 Visine! There are also printables at Smart Source including $1 off of olive oil, organic milk and more!
**I always print all the yogurt coupons because you can stack these with eCoupons and you can use them on clearanced dairy which makes for some great deals!**

At Hip2Save there are coupons for Del Monte products when you register, Pilsbury, at Betty Crocker there are similar ones to Pilsbury, but also include frosting, Hamburger Helper, brownie mix, etc.

For my organic buddies go to the Muir Glen Connoisseur’s Club on the bottom right side of page to score some organic coupons. Sometimes these don't go on sale, but it's nice to have coupons in order get a better price on something that you would buy anyway!

You can print off various Downy product coupons here on a pdf. What I do is save the pdf to my desk top so that if I need to access it again and print more coupons, then I can.

Finally - go to Target and print off additional coupons there. They have some great stuff like get a $10 gift card when you do a new or transfered prescription. Also, coupons marked TARGET COUPON can be stacked with manufacturer coupons to make for some great deals! But you won't know if they're a Target or manufacturer coupon until you print them.

I use a junk email address that I created just for registering at these site and printing coupons, etc. I also try to reuse computer paper to save money. I need to figure out how to save more money on ink!! It's SO expensive and I use so much of it. Even paying full price for it the savings outweigh the cost, but it would be so much sweeter if I could get it for cheaper! I have an HP F2210 - any ideas?

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