Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Safeway shopping today

I'm not going to go into too much detail, because I think until I learn how to do pics, it's just not going to do it justice and because some of the deals I did today - expire today, so it's a moot point. But I want to show you guys a few things so that you can get excited about saving money for next weeks sale!!!

Today I bought four boxes of granola bars for 4/$6 with an instore coupon.
I used x2 $1.00 off of two
I had two $.40 eCoupons (see this FAQ post from FrugallivingNW)
This made the four boxes I bought $3.20 or 80 cents each!
But it gets better! Then I got a $2.50 CAT for my next purchase at Safeway - it's just money off your next purchase! So that would bring my total out of pocket down to $3.20 - $2.50 = 70 cents OR EIGHTEEN CENTS PER BOX!

See, I told you this is fun! :)

The one that is expiring today is the cracker deal. We may be able to do this again at another time, but here's how I did it... (see our friends at Frugal Living to see the full deal with links)
Currently when you buy 5 boxes of Nabiso crackers you get them for $1 per box at Safeway.
I got 10 boxes -
Then I matched up 2x $1 off Wheat Thins, 2x $2 off 2 boxes of Nabisco crackers and other $1 off of two to make up 10 scenerios.
Came out like this:
10 crackers = $10
Total coupons = $8 off
For a total of 10 boxes of crackers for $2
BUT... then I get to put in for the rebate to get $10 back, therefore making this an $8 money maker!

At the end of my trip I paid $25.63 for over $88 worth of groceries - I even bought a roast, lean hamburger and ground pork. I got milk, bacon, eggs, yogurt... all kinds of stuff. PLUS - I have $2.50 to use for my next trip and a $10 rebate coming back to me.

Now I know this may seem complicated right now - but you WILL get better at this. I am going to post some really easy stuff to take advantage of the sale at Albertsons that starts tomorrow. You should have gotten the insert today - DON'T THROW IT OUT! Check back here later so you can put your list together tomorrow!

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