Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Yes, more Winco!!!

So, I went to Winco again yesterday to score on their coupon and ad deals that I outlined here and I made some more notes and asked more questions for us and here's what I found out!

**side note: I am not saying that I purchased these foods, but noted good prices when I saw them, so foodie friends - no judging. ;)**

***another note: these are probably all green label prices, meaning that they're temporary***

  • I talked to customer service and Winco does take IP coupons, but only if they scan - they will not push them through and they do not take Smart Source for whatever reason.
  • They do not give a bag refund - that was a mistake made on Monday
  • I am broken hearted that my Snuggle coupons expired 5/2 :( I could have walked away with free Snuggle!
  • I couldn't tell you about the TP prices because some guy in an electronic cart was like on my heels and I couldn't shake him
  • I didn't see any laundry detergent deals
Beer and Wine
Corona 12 pack beer - $11.88 plus a $5 rebate when you buy chips and salsa. Chips were $.98 and La Victoria Salsa is $1.68, this expires 5/9 - take advantage soon!!!!!
**Make sure you check out the wine prices, they're pretty good!

Fruit Roll Ups $.98
Pudding Snack Packs $.98
Betty Crocker Boxed Potatoes $.88
Ragu - all varieties $.98
Cheeze Its $1.48
Lindsay Large Olives $.98
Kraft Salad Dressing $1.48
El Monteray Burritos and Chimichangas $2.48
AI Steak Sauce $2.98
Nalley Chili $.88
Seattles Best Coffee $4.98 (there is a $1 coupon displayed with the coffee making this $3.98)
4 lbs of Red Vines $4.98 (does anyone know what these are at Costco?)
Hawiian Punch 128 oz $1.97
Crystal Lite (in the canister) $2.48
Kool Aid Packets $.10
32 oz chopped garlic $2.98
24 each -Top Ramen $3.58 (anyone know the Costco price for this?)
12 each -Cup O Noodles $3.48 (Costco?)
Calidad Tortilla Chips $.98
Taco Bell Refried Beans $.48
Malt O Meal Bagged Cereals $2.48
Kraft Taco Cheese $1.78
16 count Kraft Singles $1.98
11 oz Lawry Garlic Salt $1.98
Starbucks 12 oz $6.98
Oroweat Bread and Sandwich Thins $1.88
Odwalla Bars $.88
Fresh Gourmet Croutons - trial size $.25 with a $.55 coupon on back - use it for the full priced package of $.98
Keebler and Peprige Farm Cookies $1.88
Hy Top 5 lbs flour $1.49
Hy Top Plain Bread Crumbs $.98
Chef Boyrdee $.98
Kraft Cheddar Explosion mac and cheese $.48
Classico Pasta Sauce $1.88
Taco Bell taco shells $.78
Rosarita Refried Beans (love the vegetarian ones!) $.88
S&W beans - all varieties $.68
Hy Top artichoke hearts 6.5 oz - $.88 (this is a great price, I should get more!)

Gala Apples $.68 per pound
Red Delicious $.78 per pound
Sara Lee Bagels $1.68
Pink Lady and Braburn Apples $.98 per pound
Granny Smith $1.28 per pound
Red Apple 3# bag $2.98
D'Anjou Pears $.78 per pound
Red Grapes $.98 per pound
Green Grapes $1.98 per pound
Mangos $.68 each
Apple Pears $.58 each
Bananas $.39 per pound
Fuji Apples 3# bag $3.48
Granny Smith Apples 3# bag $3.98
Navel Oranges $.48 per pound
Small Grapefruit $.38 each
Tomatoes on the vine $.98 per pound
Asparagus $1.48 per pound

Clorox Bleach $1.68
Suave Shampoo and Conditioner $.88

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  1. I went back yesterday and scored some great deals with coupons!
    Vitamin water $.88 (-$1/2 coupon = $.38ea)
    Hamburger Helper $.98 (-$.75/3 = $.73 ea)
    Mission Tortillas $.98 (-$1.50/2 = $.23ea)
    Delimex Taquitos $3.98 (-$2/1 = $1.98ea)
    Cottnell TP $2.98 ($.50/1 = $2.48ea)

    Also, found out that they will adjust down a coupon if it is for more than the cost of the item. The lead that was called when I locked up the register didn't read the coupon right (glad I was paying attention) and thought the $1/2 on the vitamin water was $1/1.