Monday, May 3, 2010

Winco Trip Today

Hi all! We went to Winco today - I was literally dancing in the isles! LOL I meant to make notes on what items cost, but forgot paper. I will do my best from memory and will go back and update later.

What we learned today:

  • They do not accept internet printable coupons
  • There is a 5 cent bag refund, so since you have to bag anyway, just bring your own
  • The register locks if you save more than $10, which is easy to do, so just warn the cashier when you begin to check out
  • Green colored tags means that is a temporary sale price and any other color is regular, daily price
  • I was surprised at how much organic, gluten-free, etc type foods they had
  • There is a large selection of Asian and Mexican type foods
  • The bulk section is amazing and has more than you could imagine! Some prices are better than buying it packaged and some aren't, so you will need to know your prices.
  • Winco does not accept credit cards, only debit, cash, check and EBT transactions

Ok, trying to think off the top of my head of items that I saw... this was before I knew about the green tag, so I'm not sure if all of these were temporary prices or not.

Bananas $.39 lb
Red Apples $.98 lb
Kraft BBQ $.98
Suddenly Salad $.98
Vitamin Water $.88
64 oz Snuggle $2.98
1/2 sheet cake $18-something... I think $18.88. They had samples and the cake was good!
Milk $1.98 a gallon
Little Debbies $.98

I think that's all I can remember off the top of my head... I will go back in the next couple days and try to compile a better list.

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