Saturday, May 15, 2010

Menu Making

So my May challenge has went south... there was just too much going on, but here is my menu for the week.

Sunday - Salmon Pasta
Monday - White Bean Chicken Chili
Tuesday - Freezer Food (I have premade meals in the freezer - this means just pop one our in the morning)
Wednesday - Tamale Casserole
Thursday - Coconut Chicken Curry
Friday - Whole Roasted Chicken
Saturday - Spaghetti
Sunday - Salmon
Monday - Meatball Subs

The only items I will need to make this menu are:
Bell Peppers
Provalone Cheese
I lied... I also need:
Coconut Milk
Tomato Paste
Tomato Sauce

Techincally - that is all I would need at the grocery store, but there are too many good deals, so that won't be the case! :-)


  1. what are the good deals you are after? Do tell...

    Oh, and I have a TON of huggies Q's for you

  2. You rock!

    I was going to go look and see if the zinger cheetos were part of the safeway cheetos and I can't remember what else. LOL But I'm too sick to do anything.