Saturday, January 16, 2010

Rite Aid Deals

Here are the Rite Aid deals I plan on doing this week:

Cover Girl cosmetics or Olay Skin and bath care (excludes Pro-X) Buy one get one 50% off.
Buy two Olay Regenerist cleansers for $6.74 each (based on website price - I haven't confirmed actual price), the second one will ring up $3.37 because of sale.
Use 2 each of the $3 off coupons from 1/17 P&G
Pay $4.11 and then submit for the rebate found here to get $15 back! That makes this a $10.89 money maker AND it qualifies to go toward your Grab the Gold!!

Cover Girl cosmetics or Olay Skin and bath care (excludes Pro-X) Buy one get one 50% off.
I will buy two Cover Girl Ultimate Finish powders because I am out and this is a good opportunity to get me another one! The price online says 7.29 each, so the second one will be $3.65 - and I will use 2 each of the $1 off coupons from the 1/17 P&G.  AND it will qualify toward the Grab the Gold!

Wet Ones Moist Towlettes
$1.99 and I have two of the $1.49 off coupons from here

Crest Toothpaste 4.1 oz.; Crest ProHealth, Whitening Expressions or Plus Scope Paste, 6.0 oz.; Crest Neat Squeeze or Outlast Paste, 5.8-6.0 oz. or 7.4-8.0 oz. $2.99

$1.25 Single Check Rebate #78
$.75 from the 12/27 P&G
(I have to stock up on Pro Health or any of 'sensitive type' tooth pastes when they're cheap because I have sensitive teeth and the special tooth paste is so expensive!)

So here's what my basket will look like:
2 each Oil of Olay Regenerist Cleansers - total $10.11
2 each Cover Girl Powders - total $10.94
2 each Wet Ones Towelettes - total $3.98
1 each Crest Toothpast - $2.99
Total $28.02
2 Regenerist coupons - $6
2 Cover girl coupons - $2
2 Towelette - $3
1 Toothpaste - .75
$5/$25 coupon (found here)
Purchase Total $28.02
Coupon Total -$16.75
Total at register $11.27

Then I will get $1.25 back from the tooth paste Single Check Rebate and $15 back from the Oil of Olay Regenerist rebate! And... I have money toward my Go for the Gold rebate too! This is a money maker!! Woo hoo!!! (again, I am so easily excited!)

This may seem a little complicated at first, but if you just do what works for your family and start doing it - it gets better. PLEASE ask any questions - there are a lot of smart people on this blog that can help you!!

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