Friday, January 15, 2010

Red Box

In this discussion we talked about how to get movies on the cheap. One of the suggestions was Red Box - so I will try to post Red Box free rental codes when I find them.

The two things I don't know are:

The "monday" free promo code - Can you only use that on Monday? Or is it good any time?

Online reservations - Can you use a free code when you're reserving online?

BREAKROOM is the code for a free rental.

The code is good for one per credit card and movies are due by 9pm the next day or you'll get charged an extra dollar to your credit card. Go here to find a Red Box near you.


  1. The Monday codes expire at midnight.

    You can not use codes when you reserve online, but it does gaurantee you will be able to score the new releases and it will track down the movies you are looking for so you don't have to drive all around town. All boxes are not the same they have different movies.
    This is so much cheaper then renting from the big box rental stores, I will pay $1.08 anyday rather then shelling out $4.79 per movie.
    We are a big movie family ( my husband finally got his 50 inch Plasma, yes we used a coupon for it) and Red box has saved us a ton in rental fees. Plus you can return the dvd's at any location. I am a loyal redbox customer, that is until someone else can beat their price :)