Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Grocery Shopping Today!

Today I plan on grocery shopping for my Menu Monday list and various items that I can pick up for a great deal. The way that I make my menus and grocery shop may be different than others, but the things I consider when making my menu is - what is on sale? What is in my pantry/freezer that needs to be used up? I then make my menu based around those questions so that I am buying the fewest actual groceries needed for the week as possible and they are usually just "fresh food" items.

I plan on going to Safeway today to score some good deals that they had in the Sunday paper before they expire tomorrow. Frugal Living NW has laid every thing out here.

I plan on doing all the deals, except only in one transaction. Also, I plan on using Nature Valley coupons that are floating around out there to bring my out of pocket cost down. Additionally, we don't have doubles up here like they do in Oregon, so we miss out on those savings.

Then I'll run over to Albertsons and score on what I can using their double coupons that were released on Sunday. I bought five papers so I have quite a few. I will do multiple transactions there so that I can maximize my savings and get items for very cheap or free.

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