Friday, January 8, 2010

Frugal Printing

I have been desperatly searching for a way to save money on ink because we all print so many coupons. I pay about $30 for two (black and color) cartridges at Office Max for my HP F2210 and I discovered that Walgreens has refill options for $9.99 each (with coupon, not sure of the regular price) which would save me some money.

Here is what our friends at Frugal Living NW do to buy ink frugally, but sadly my ink is the same price I'm paying now. So the hunt is still on. I am posting it in case it works for you and your printer though!!! Looks like right now they are having free shipping and 5% off - great deal!

Let us know if it works for you or how you save money on your ink!!


  1. I have an epson nx400, it is an all in one. We paid about $80 for it. The great thing is I get my ink on ebay. Each color is seperate. I get 5 of each (so 20 total) for $35 shipped. Then, when the ink runs out, I turn them into Staples for $3 each (up to 10 a month). So I pay $35 for the ink, and get $60 in return. I actually look forward to my cartridges running out!

  2. I didn't even think about ebay! Duh!!! Where is Staples around here? I use Office Max because we get $3 or $5 back (I can't remember which).

  3. I didnt know office max did it too. Staples is either fed. way, kent or southhill. I only run to staples when I am having a day out and doing other things (wags...) Getting a generic on ebay is alot cheaper. Works best for me as we have individual colors.