Thursday, January 7, 2010


Here are more scarios for the great Albertsons deal going on right now - this is what my sister did.

1st trans...

4x progresso soups 1.39 $1 mfc
6x hamburger helper 1.00 $1 mfcx2
honey nut cheerios 1.88 $1 mfc
cheerios 1.88 $1mfc
2x toaster strudel 2.49 $1.00 mfcx2
$2.00 doublers mfc

OOP 11.39 plus received a 5 dollar cat to roll to my next transaction!!!

2nd trans...

4x s kist tuna .57 w/ albertsons ad coupon
2x skippy peanut butter w/ albertsons ad coupon
2x fresh express salad 2@4.oo $2.00 mfc
2lb banana's free for buying two bags salad!!!! sweet
OOP 1.29 after using my 5 dollars off:)

She did this all with the printable coupons from this post.
Happy Shopping! Tell us what you got!

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