Friday, December 10, 2010 deal!

Here is the deal - I wanted to start off my welcome back with a smokin' deal!

Step one - sign up through ebates or shop at home (I prefer ebates). When you sign up you will get a $5 bonus when you shop through one of these sites. Then go to on either of them so when you buy this you will get their cash back $5 from Ebates and $9 from Shop at Home.

Step two - go to through ebates or shop at home and click grocery delivery.

Step three - On the left of the page, click where it says Buy One, Get One Free and choose $47 worth of  BOGO items
(I chose two ground beefs, two sausages and two bags of salad)

Step four - add water to your cart by going to: shop by isle, then beverages, then sort ZtoA, then chose the first item of Refresh 24 pack.

Begin the check out process

Step five - add these codes VALPAK15 (for $15 off), refreshe24 (for $5 off) and EASY7 (for free shipping)

Then chose your delivery time. Pick what ever time you want because it's free. The discounts will all come off when your groceries are delivered to you, so don't be confused when  you get your email and it doesn't look as though all of your discounts are there. When you get your receipt at delivery you will see your out of pocket.

The only thing that stinks is that the meat prices are an estimate because they can't guarantee that they will get you that exact size of meat. But just do your best to get as close as humanly possible to $47 worth of meat (even a little under) because you want your total to be $50 when you're done.

I hope this all makes sense!! Please let me know if you have any questions.

I got approx 7 lbs of ground beef, 24 bottles of water, 2 packages of sausage and 2 bags of salad for a little over $6! But when I get my $5 from ebates - it's only about $1! $1!! Told you I would come back with a great deal! This is a perfect time to stock up on meat! There is BOGO chicken, beef, ground beef, etc. Have fun!

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