Thursday, May 13, 2010

Shopping Trip Yesterday

I had a great shopping day yesterday! I went to Target and Safeway and did two transactions each. I spent $29.85

It went a little something like this....

Target Transaction #1
4 Schick Hydro 3 Razor Cartridge Refills $7.49 each
then 4 $5 off coupons
and 4 $1 off Target coupons
-this produced 2 $5 off gift cards
Total Spent - $7.44

Target Transaction #2
A&D Diaper Cream $3.94
2 each J&J Baby Wash
Enfamil Restful $13.29
Giraff Limbo game $3.14 (on clearance)
2 each Enfamil Gentlease $22.99 each
Subtotal - $50.98

A&D Target coupon $2
A&D Printable $1
J&J Target coupon $.75 off each
J&J coupon for $1 each
Enfamil Coupon $3 each (for larger ones)
5 each $5 Enfamil Rebate Checks
4 each $5 gift cards (from razor transactions)
And I received a $5 gift card to use later... I'm thinking more formula!

Safeway Transaction #1
Scrubbing Bubbles $6.99 each
2 each $5 off coupons
Balance (with tax) $5.28
Gift card balance -$2.34
My total out of pocket $2.94
Received 2 $3 catalinas

Safeway Transaction #2
6 jars of Classico Pasta 2 for $4
6 boxes of pasta $.99 each
4 boxes Nabisco 100 calorie snacks

3 $1.50 off of 2 jars of Classico
Pasta free when you buy Classico promotion
2 BOGO Nabisco coupons
2 $3 catalinas from previous transaction
Total $5.50 and recieved a $3 cat from the 100 calorie packs

Now... you're not going to need formula - I hope, man it's expensive! So you need to figure out your family's needs. This is my family's needs, so I hunt for coupons and discounts that work for us - and you need to do the same for you! You can score deals like this, you just need to look and be aware. I busted my budget on the formula because they're producing a $5 gift card that I can roll into more formula and there are coupons that expire this month. BUT... this frees up my budget later this month for other items that we need or want. I hope this helps you in your budget thought process.

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  1. You got some GREAT deals... I cant wait till I get the hang of it more. Cant wait for my 3 papers to be delivered to my house sunday! :)
    Thanks for sharing your deals, it keeps me inspired...