Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Menu Making (and May challenge)

So, I know I made a menu recently, but we had some changes this week and I have some things going on next week that I need to bring food to... so I wanted to plan ahead and take advantage of Safeway's new ad.

At the end, I'll tell you what was actually on my grocery list to complete this menu and how much I spent.

Saturday - event that I need to make potato salad and macaroni salad
Sunday - Steak, baked potato and broccoli
Monday - Pork chops with potatoes and salad
Tuesday - Baby Breakfast and I'm bringing Blue Berry Muffins
   Dinner - Salmon with rice and frozen veggies
Wednesday - Cinco De Mayo at a friend's house and I'm brining layer dip and chips
Thursday - Burgers with home made fries
Friday - Pork fried rice (left over rice from salmon and left over pork from Monday) and orange chicken
Saturday - Chicken Cor Don Blue (I'm 100% sure I'm not spelling that right) and salad
Sunday - Spaghetti w/ Meat balls
Monday - I am hosting a mocha momma breakfast and I'm making a breakfast casserole and serving coffee, chai tea and regular tea
  Dinner - Meat ball hoagies (left over from Sunday dinner)

Grocery list:
Tortilla chips
2 dozen eggs
Ground sausage
4 ea avacados
4 ea lemons
2 large onions
(I also had the rain check from the taquitos, so I had to get those too!)

I only paid $8.32 for all these items - just the taquitos alone were priced at $10! And I had a gift card, so it didn't even come out of my regular budget. Woo hoo!


  1. WOW, you must have many freezers to be pulling this all out of...!!!