Tuesday, April 6, 2010


What is an ecoupon?

An ecoupon is a coupon that is loaded onto your store card and when the store card is scanned, not the phone number, but when the store card is actually scanned - money comes off. You can stack these with paper coupons and any other promotion that may be going on.

Safeway's ecoupons are the easiest to use. Apparently Fred Meyer and Albertsons have them, but I haven't figured them out yet and I haven't tried that hard either because I love the Safeway ones so much.

Go here to load ecoupons on to your Safeway card. There is Cell Fire, Short Cuts and P&G. The beauty is about once per month they reload, so there are times you have DOUBLE on your card! I just bought the holiday cookies the other day and Safeway paid me to take them from the store. Plus they were running a catalina event, so I bought two sweet rolls and used ecoupons for those and a paper coupon and got the $2.50 catalina toward my next order. After that transaction was said and done I paid $1.15, but I got the $2.50 catalina making the items techincally free with money to spare for my next trip! Then you can use that catalina to bring the cost down of items that are hard for you to get on sale.

Go here to load your ecoupons and make sure you come back to see when they've reloaded to put them on your card! And ALWAYS use your card because you just never know!

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