Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Become Shoppertunistic!

I would love to teach a class... but with having the baby, I haven't been able to get a class together. I know that there has been a lot of interest so my friend, Tiffany, is teaching "Become Shoppertunistic": A Glamorous Approach to Couponing that will Allow you To Seize Opportunities in Your Shopping!

The class is Saturday, April 24th at 1:00 pm.

Cost: $10 which includes:

A power point presentation filled with info about...
*Baby Steps to Getting Started 

*How to Use Blogs to Maximize Savings

*Making Sense of the Coupon Chat 

*How to get Organized 

*Understanding Store Policies 

*We also have HOT Prizes for you to WIN!

Learn a proven strategy that saves an average of $800/month! Just think what you could do with the money that you save on things that you NO longer need to buy!

Because this class is at my home, please email me at PNWFrugalFinds@hotmail.com to express your interest and I can give you my address. Please feel free to bring friends, neighbors and relatives! Just include them in your email and they will require an additional fee.

Your payment will be due prior to taking the class, so please email me before April 18th.
*Refunds will only be issued if the presenter is unable to attend*

We look forward to seeing all of you!!!


  1. Where in the PNW are you located? I came across your blog a month or so ago and would possibly be interested in attending this class.



  2. Hi! I am in Pierce county, near Puyallup. If you would like to email me we could talk about locations. Thank you!