Monday, January 11, 2010

Menu Planning Monday

It's Menu Planning Monday! Menu planning is one of the best ways to be frugal and save money because it keeps you organized, on task and allows you think ahead and utilize your pantry, fridge and freezer stock. 
I start by thinking - what do I have that's perishable in my fridge? Then I try to use those items so that we don't waste the money that was already spent. Then I think about the items in my pantry and fridge that would coordinate and go from there. Currently, I don't plan lunch or breakfast because I eat left overs for lunch and just cereal and/or yogurt and fruit for breakfast. But if I had kids, packed the left overs for the hubby's lunch or just had a hard time coming up with ideas - I would menu plan for that too until I got the hang of it. I would do the same with snacks too.

Then I make my actual grocery shopping list based on the menu. I am not loyal to the store that I buy my groceries at. They are usually just a few items to complete the meals or recipes and I try to incorporate it into my deal finding groceries, but that doesn't always happen.

Monday - Fish Tacos (from last week - didn't get to it)
Tuesday - Chef Salad (have left over bagged salad from last weeks Albertsons deal)
Wednesday - Spaghetti with cesear salad
Thursday - Crock pot orange chicken (didn't make last week) with broccoli
Friday - Loaded baked potatoes with broccoli
Saturday - Salmon w/ rice and frozen veggies
Sunday - Left overs


  1. I really need to try and menu plan. I keep trying, but never suceed :( Maybe someday... Hey, can you post the recipe for the crockpot orange chicken?

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