Monday, January 25, 2010

Albertsons Weekly Deals

UPDATE: It has been reported that we cannot stack these coupons. I'm so sad, that would have made for some really sweet deals! Some of the prices are ok without it, but they're not awesome or anything.

Here is the Albertsons Unilever deal this week. There are coupons on the back of the ad for the list of Unilever products below. Now, what I do not know is if we can stack these coupons. The prices are ok without stacking, but it we can stack them - we can get some seriously good deals! I'm on the hunt to find out, but if you know please post a comment so we all know!!! Thank you!!

Here's the list:

Ragu $1/2 total $1 each

Best Foods $1/2 total $2 each

Bertolli Sauce $1/2 total $2 each

Bertolli Frozen Meals $1/1 total $4.99 each

Can't believe it's not butter $1/2 total $1 each

Wish Bone dressing $1/2 total $1 each

Skippy Peanut Butter $1/2 total $1 each

Klondike $1/2 total $2 each

Lipton Tea $1/2 total $2 each

Breyers Ice Cream $1/2 total $2 each

Qtips, Suave lotion, Vasoline lotion $1/2 total $2 each

Suave Shampoo/Conditioner, Deodorant/Antiperperant, Body Wash $1/2 total $1 each


  1. If they say manufacturer coupon on them, my experience with Albertsons is that you can NOT stack them. Sometimes they put out "store coupons" that can be stacked, but most of the coupons albies puts out are manufacturers. :( It is very sad

  2. That is really sad then! I assumed the same thing too, but one can hope, right? Some of the deals are ok, but would have been a lot sweeter if they could be stacked. I would have spent a lot more money there, now I'll probably just spend a couple dollars on granola instead - their loss.